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Usability Awareness Newsletter produces a newsletter focusing on usability aspects.
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Usability News by SURL distributes the Usability Newsletter produced by Software Usability Research Laboratory (SURL), Wichita State University. Usability News is distributed to over 1500 Usability professionals, developers, managers and researchers in over 50 countries.

Breadcrumb Navigation: An Exploratory Study of Usage
by B. Lida, S. Hull, & K. Pilcher.
Cascading versus Indexed Menu Design
by M. Bernard & C. Hamblin.
Examining Web Design Conventions Across Site Types
by M. R. Patel.
Aesthetics and Usability: A Look at Color and Balance
by L. Brady & C. Phillips.
Reading Online News: A Comparison of Three Presentation Formats
by R. Baker, M. Bernard, & S. Riley.
The Effects of Line Length on Children and Adults' Online Reading Performance
by M. Bernard, M. Fernandez, & S. Hull.
Fortune 500 Revisited: Current Trends in Site Map Design
by M. Russell.
Can Personality Be Used to Predict How We Use the Internet?
by B. Lida.
Online Shopping for Office Supplies: Factors Impacting User Satisfaction
by B. Chaparro, V. Pereira, & S. Padgett.
Top Ten Mistakes of Shopping Cart Design
by B. Chaparro.
Designing Online Banner Advertisements: Should We Animate?
by Michelle E. Bayles.
Examining User Expectations for the Location of Common E-Commerce Web Objects
by Michael Bernard.
Comparison of Popular Online Fonts: Which Size and Type is Best?
by Michael Bernard, Bonnie Lida, Shannon Riley, Telia Hackler & Karen Janzen.
Where Should You Put the Links? Comparing Embedded and Framed/Non-Framed Links
by Michael Bernard & Spring Hull.
Paging vs. Scrolling: Looking for the Best Way to Present Search Results
by Michael Bernard, Ryan Baker & Marissa Fernandez.



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