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NEMIS designed and implemented the official web site of the NEMIS Project: Network of Excellence on Text Mining and its Applications on Statistics
See larger picture Certificate launches a new service: "The Certificate". If you want to design your own web site and you need experts' advice, contact to get our advice. If you think that your web site needs to face the real user experience contact to receive our evaluation on the users' point of view on your web. Certificate

PERIGRAMMA provided guidelines and technical help in order to design and implement a usable web site for a research product entitled PERIGRAMMA: Environment of secreteriat support for people with special needs. The site has been APPROVED.
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Learning Communities supported the design of the web site of the LearnCom project. The project aims to provide the conditions for vocational reintegration of people in rural European regions at a disadvantage labour market position by offering new skills and restoring their self-esteem. Learning Communities
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LearnCom Distance Learning Environment
LearnCom Distance Learning Environment designed the user interface and the functionalities of the Learn Com Distance Learning Environment. The Environment offers online tutoring modules on the topics of Self-esteem, Computer Skills, Language Skills and Tourism, along with a set of communicational tools for the creation of an online trainees' community and a set of auxiliary utilities supporting the learning process.

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